Press release.

Juan Béjar (Malaga, 1946) is one of the most outstanding and unique artists of the generation that burst in the early seventies defending figuration. Since then he has continued to explore, with unfathomable talent, the complexity of the figure as aesthetic emotion.

Founding member of the Collective Palm revulsive authentic modern and avant-garde in the eighties of Malaga, is possibly the only member of a Royal Academy, in this case the de Bellas Artes de San Telmo, which has waived investiture.

A wide range of individual and group exhibitions held within and outside Spain (Pamplona, Malaga, Madrid, Barcelona, Gijón, Santander, Dresden, El Salvador ...) explain a long history of solid plastic and their work, which is represented in major public and private collections: Colección VAREZE-Fisa (Madrid), Helmut Brenske (Hannover), Duchess of Alba (Madrid), Fundación Pablo Ruiz Picasso (Malaga), Museo de Bellas Artes (Malaga), Museum of Modern Art (San Salvador), Pamplona, etc.

Juan Bejar's work, away from the effects of fashion, rests on a solid mastery of composition of matter of dibujoy. His art is the antithesis of arbitrariness and unreasonableness, an exercise in originality and creative energy. The characters that inhabit it evokes with poetic expression and painful, a reality to deny what pleitesía. It is as if the artist tries in the manner of Proust, to find something lost, a new view of the world, a metaphorical image of dreams, the value of intangible and instinctive, the disclosure of the senses.

In the painting by Juan Bejar, as in the old stations De Chirico, living and the desire to escape the anguish of the match, the peacefulness and disruption, tearing and irony, wrapped in an indefinable atmosphere, a universe of connotations Voices, and registries.

Miguel Ramos Morente

Manager of Culture and Art Critic